MBR Limitless
Korrektorat, Lektorat & Texten auf Englisch


"There's a feeling among Germans that ALL native English speakers must have good English writing skills - but nothing could be further from the truth!

Even though I am myself a native English speaker, I rely on Mary Beth's skills to polish and tighten my written communication.  I can highly recommend her, not only to Germans but to anyone who needs to sharpen up their formal written English."

Phil Winters
Senior Managing Consultant


    "Why should dozens of highly acclaimed and productive international scientists spend more time and effort than absolutely necessary on their contributions to the Annual Report? 

    It would still turn out to be the 'patchwork product' of a committee.

    Mary Beth takes the many rough, raw blocks of text - mostly written by speakers of other languages - and transforms them into a cohesive unit that reads naturally and is stylistically seamless.

    Now, this is the way I want to present our  achievements to the public!"

    Prof. Dr. Hans-Walter Rix
    Max-Planck Institut für Astronomie
    "Mary Beth is one of those all-too-rare individuals who actually delights in unraveling difficult problems and coming up with creative solutions for them.

    She always maintains a 'customer-first' attitude with the unwavering goal of delivering what is truly needed. Her clarity of strategic vision and her diplomacy skills are absolutely top notch."

    Matthew Barnason
    Marketing Executive
    Zeus Technology Ltd
    "I really enjoy working with Mary Beth. Not only does she handle editing requests in a very professional  manner, she also provides lots of valuable advice on the marketing side.

    She did a great job reviewing the texts for my website and I'm looking forward to cooperating with her on other projects."

    Frédérique Thiriet-Smith
    FTS Training Consulting